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Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554

Have you ever wondered how someone is able to open multiple locks with just one key? It seems puzzling that whilst everyone is searching for the right key to fit the slot, someone such as an administrator or property owner can come along, and use one key to get anywhere.

This type of thing is called a master key – and it is usually used in a situation where a number of different locks require different keys, but are all owned by the same person.

In this way, the owner is able to distribute specific keys to specific people so that they are able to access particular areas of the property, or specific features or facilities under which they are authorised to use.

How It Works.

But how is this possible, considering that each of the locks require a specific key to open it. The answer is not to key in itself, but instead the way that the lock is made. Despite what most people think, a lock actually has two ways of being opened. The specific key is only one of these ways.

It is the job of a number mechanism inside the lock which allows for master key owners to have access whenever they need it to whatever is on the other side of the lock.

If you want to delve further into this topic, there is even such a thing as a grand master key, which is used in locks which have three possible ways of being opened. They are a grand master key, master key, and change key.



Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554