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Double Sided Keys By Locksmith Santa Monica

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Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554

Imagine coming home one night, and having the feeling that someone is following you. You want to get into your property as quickly as possible, but when you get to the door, you find that you are having difficulty getting the key in the lock – and hence getting the door open.

This is a common situation, even if it is not what someone following you. To solve this, locksmiths created something called the double sided key, which is able to be used either way up, making it easier to get the door open quickly.

Most people have a double sided key. Take a look at your car key for example. Think back to when you open the door of your cars last – assuming that you did not use the central locking system. You wouldn’t have had to fiddle around with the key making sure that it was the right way up, because both sides would have worked.

Four Sided Keys?

For the people who have already heard of double sided keys, have you heard of the four sided key? No, this doesn’t mean that it works on all four sides no matter which way around you have it. Instead, it means that all four sides need to be a perfect fit for the lock in order for it to open. This makes it harder for people to duplicate or forge the keys, and hence adds another level of protection to the lock/key mechanism.



Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554