The Best Types of Gate Locks and Latches Every Homeowner Should Consider

Gate Locks Santa MonicaJust like the gates they are meant to secure, gate locks come in different styles and designs. As a homeowner, the type of gate lock you choose to purchase and install at your gate will most likely depend on your personal taste and the type of gate you have at home. if you are having a hard time selecting the right gate lock to install at your residence, here are some of the most common types of gate locks and latches available on the market–which most security experts believe are durable and can withstand external weather conditions and the test of time.

Gate Rim Locks

Gate rim locks are usually made from chrome or brass and are fixed firmly to a metal gate. The rim lock is fitted onto the surface of the gate and works by means of a key which slides a bold into place to lock the gate securely.

Electric Gate Locks

Electric gates locks are built with a system that affords you total control over your gate’s security. This type of gate lock is mainly used on large metal gates so you can control access to the entrance of your home. Electric locks can be operated with a digital keypad, a remote control or a swipe card depending on the type you have chosen to install in your home.

Slide Bolts

A slide bolt lock is a simple device that works by sliding a bolt attached to the gate into a bracket that has been welded or attached to the gate post. This kind of latch is typically positioned on the inside of the gate in such as way that it cannot be reached from outside. A number of side bolt designs can be locked with a padlock for extra security.

Lockable Latches

A lockable gate latches are designed to provide more security than the regular latch. With lockable latches, you will require a key to open the gate from the outside.  The lockable gate lock latch has the ability to lock itself automatically when the gate is closed. The remarkable thing about these lockable gate lock latches is that they can also be used on all types of gate whether they are made from metal or wood.

 Spring Latches

The spring type of gate latches operate by means of a locking mechanism fitted with a tightly wound spring which allows the latch to be drawn back and then when released, forces the latch or bolt home into its slot, thereby locking the gate securely. Although this type of gate latch is hardly considered as a security feature for homes, the spring latch however enables the gate to be closed easily.

Gate Thumb Latches

Gate thumb latches come in a wide variety of ornamental designs and are often used on wooden gates. They are designed with a simple mechanism that works by depressing a small latch with the thumb. The latch then raises a lever so that the gate can be opened. Whenever the thumb latch is released, the lever lowers itself and allows the gate to be fastened securely.

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