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We at Locksmith Santa Monica have supplied, installed, provided regular service and carried out maintenance of the most ultra modern electronically superlative home, office and Commercial security systems for our customers, over many years.
A Home security system to suit your needs and budget is just a phone call away and with our no strings attached and no obligations quotation you have no cost to incur.
If you opt to work with us, whilst being overwhelmed by the fact we will carry out all works as per our written quotation submitted and ensure that all work is executed to your utmost satisfaction. We have provided Home security solutions for many in and around our city and suburbs and have built an enviable reputation for prompt service, competitive prices and above all supplied reliable and tested equipment.


A very wide product and accessories range

Locksmith Santa Monica , carry stocks of most lock related hardware, and accessories, state of the art Home security systems or be it garage door systems, general locks, key restricted master key systems, CCTV & related accessories, deadlocks, window locks and Commercial security systems including most models of ordinary and advanced padlocks, chain locks, and safes of reputed international brands.
If you are in need of a comprehensive locking solution for your persisting locking problem, just call us and we will find a solution for you at an affordable price too.
A comprehensive array of locking devices and Home security systems are available in the market, selecting the most beneficial and suitable system will be to your advantage, with our vast experience we could help you to make the right decision.


CCTV is the answer

Installing a CCTV system in your premises, would help the law enforcement authorities to apprehend the culprits faster if the unfortunate happens and such CCTV has helped law enforcing authorities to bring many criminals to book.
Installing a security system in your home or office is not very a very expensive affair and we could design one to your minimum requirement, at an affordable price.
So try us out, give us a call and let us put your doubts about a security CCTV system at rest, with our no strings attached and no obligation quotation which would be your ticket to a peaceful and secure life within the confines of your home or office.


Upgrading security systems

We also carry with us thousands of “Key authorization letters” of individual restricted key systems with which we are able to identify the restricted key system installed for you by the allocated registration number with you. Providing us your registration number, which would generally be alphanumeric, we will be able to give you replacements or upgrades as and when you wish.
These will not be processed over the phone but on production of an authorized letter only, because in the wrong hands it could be used for illegal purposes, of which we are extra vigilant and have the necessary mandatory security clearance to handle such sensitive issues for our customers.

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We are geared to find a solution for all your locking requirements and problems, we at Locksmiths Santa Monica are at your beck and call anytime and anywhere.