How Can Master Re-Keying Help You? Santa Monica Locksmith

How Can Master Re-Keying Help You? By Locksmith Santa Monica

Owners of businesses and managers of apartment complexes are faced with a problem. They need to be able to get into all of the offices or

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Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554

apartments in their complexes while, on the other hand, the individual renter or officeholder needs to be able to lock their one reserved space in the building. A universal key would be good for the owner or manager, but not for each officeholder or renter. If everyone had a universal key, everyone could get into an office or apartment whether they were

supposed to or not.
Fortunately, it is possible for a trained locksmith to give the owner or apartment manager a solution to all of these problems. A locksmith can perform a master re-keying of the entire complex, giving both the manager/owner universal access to the whole building and individual access to each officeholder or renter. The latter group gets the security and privacy it wants while the former will be able to get into any office or apartment at any time.
Master re-keying adjusts all the locks in a building or complex to make them compatible with one master key the owner can use to unlock any door. Each lock also gets a unique key that will open that one door, giving each lock in the complex two keys — one for the owner/manager to get in to do repairs and so on, and one for the officeholder/renter that gives access to his or her one office or apartment but not the others.
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