How to Protect Your Business against Theft and Burglary

How to Secure Your Company against Theft and Burglary

Every year, hundreds of business owners report cases of burglary and theft. And while the rate of property crimes has decreased over the last few years, the fact that over 100 victimizations per 1000 households occur each year is staggering. This has led to millions of dollars in losses for companies nationwide.

As a result, more and more business owners are at risk of theft and burglary than ever before. The big question is how business burglary can be effectively controlled and prevented.

In this article, we look at some of the ways through which a businessperson can protect his investment. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your business.

1. Directing a Fence Around the Business Premises

The most basic approach you can consider is putting up a fence around the business premises. Erecting a fence helps to keep intruders away when you are closed past business hours.

A good fence will allow neighbors and security agencies visibility. Therefore, they can alert you in case unknown people are seen loitering around the business premises.

2. Installation of a Surveillance system

CCTV cameras are the best surveillance you can put up to protect your business. Make sure that you go for the latest solution that includes remote monitoring capability. This solution should cover a wide area and make sure that there are minimal blind spots.

Be keen to cover the areas that robbers are likely to use like the back doors and around the perimeter walls. All the entrances need to be monitored to make sure an alarm is sent in case movement is sensed past working hours.

3. Installing Top Security Locks

Security locks also help immensely in securing the business premises. Every business owner needs to make sure that they have the best locks with advanced features.

Naturally, you’ll want to control access to the keys as well, making sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Unauthorized personnel should not be allowed to have copies of the business keys. In case the keys are changing hands, there needs to be authority from above.

4. Turn On Sensor Lighting


Sensor lighting is also important for securing business premises. You need to consider the latest lighting solutions that provide energy saving.

For instance, you can use the LED lighting that has sensors and goes on only when a movement is detected. These lights will also play a role in keeping thugs away from your business.

5. Replace Broken and Damaged Door Locks

Broken and damaged door locks are a potential threat and need to be repaired immediately. Make sure that you have a lock inspection carried out routinely to ascertain that the locks are in good working condition.

6. Hire Professional Locksmiths

A professional locksmith inspects the locks for full functionality. He will also play an advisory role when it comes to upgrading the security systems.

Therefore, make sure that you hire a qualified and highly available locksmith for your commercial premises. This goes a long way in ensuring that the premise is guarded throughout. 

Protect Your Business with Payless Locksmith

To prevent cases of burglary, ensure you practice the above strategies. This will help ensure that your business does not experience a break-in and thus, you will not incur losses. Contact Payless Locksmith Santa Monica today for professional locksmith services.