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Here at Santa Monica Locksmith we have the safes that will make you sleep quietly!
All types of safes to answer your budget, space and special needs.
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  • Show Room Sales and Service
    Safe & Vaults Locksmith Santa Monica(310) 409-2554
    Safe & Vaults Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554
  • Openings and Repairs
  • Factory Authorized Technicians
  • Lost Combinations Retrieved
  • Combinations Changed
  • Electronic Locks Installed
  • Bio-Metric Locks Installed
  • Time Locks & Audit Locks
  • Used Safes Bought & Sold
  • Great Discounts on ALL Safes



 Safes| Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Cash Boxes Cash Boxes – Sales and installation of security cash box, cash box top, cash box with lock, combination cash box, locking cash box
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Custom Safes Custom Safes – Installation of custom security safes
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Depository Safes Depository Safes – Providing robust drop depository safes and loading depository safes
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Floor Safes Floor Safes – Offering floor safes and home floor safes
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Gun Safes Gun Safes – Providing supply and installation of gun fire safe, bio-metric gun safe, sentry safes, electronic gun safe, gun safes, handgun safes, stack on gun safe, used gun safes
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Record Safes Record safes & documents safes installation and repair services
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Wall Safes Wall safes – 24 hour installation and repair of wall security safe, bio-metric wall safe, digital wall safe, electronic wall safe, hidden wall safe, home wall safe, wall gun safe, wall safes
 Locksmith Santa Monica (310) 409-2554Fireproof Safes Fireproof Safes – Installation of fireproof gun safes, fireproof home safe, home fireproof safes, small fireproof safe